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Post  bearpowers on Thu Jan 01, 2009 4:46 am

This is a story I wrote especially for Sierra. : ]

The digimon emperor one day decides to create a new type of spire. every digimon will digolve into their next stage aroudn this new spire and go beserk. wormon and gatoman were playing in a field when the spires went off. they screamed out in agony as their bodies were forced to change. they reached their new forms. angewomon and stingmon. stingmom attacks angewoman in the middle of her digivolution leaving her defenseless. he slides his long slimy tongue down her throat which excretes a numbing and paralyzing poison. all she can do is lay and suffer. stingmon inserts his throbbing insectoid cock into her soft pink cunt tearing it to pieces and she screams. as he penetrates her he lets his stinger go beserk sting her all over her body. giants welts form on her limbs, tits and face and ooze a vile green pus. she begs for death but sting won't allow the future mother of his children to die fruitlessly. he lets off a huge orgasm inside her and lets off a mind shattering shrill. her stomacher was swelling to an outrageous size and she felt squirming in her, larvae has started sprouting out her body slowly and painfully she lies for days as the vile maggots swim inside her maturing. her body tears apart as she is eaten from the inside by the starved digital worms. her body is teared to pieces and as her last living action she shits and pisses herself which the worms will eat at some point aswell. stingmon sat by her corpse and let a tear of happiness and said how wonderful of a mother she truly was.


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Post  Oathbreaker on Sun Mar 29, 2009 9:51 pm

I have a question. Do you have a gift for such things, or do you practice to be this terrible at writing anything?

Also, you could proof-read your crap a little more. You mis-spelt something as simple as 'digivolve' for fuck's sake.

As an aside, your twisted (and no doubt, reactionary) fanfic could use a little chronological accuracy.

My god, you're a failure.


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